About Us

In order to make an impact in Bangladesh, we build connections with the Bangladeshi community. By focusing on both research, medicine, and economics, we can work to prevent blindness in the vulnerable population.

Our Partners

We partner wtih hospitals, universities, and NGOs to build and deploy our solution in areas where it is needed.


Sonar Bangla Foundation

In partnership with SBF, we have begun two pilot runs of performing free DR screening for patients at their dialysis centers. SBF works to aid Chronic Kidney Disease patients, many of which have diabetes. As a result, most of their patients are at risk of DR and thus need affordable and local screening to prevent blindness. We have already begun deploying the solution and are currently developing a smartphone-based retinal camera system which is made of low-cost parts.


Bangladesh Eye Hospital

The Bangladesh Eye Hospital in Dhaka has been using our algorithm for nurses to assist the lead doctor, Dr. Sabrina R. Ullah, in performing DR screening for their patients. Dr. Ullah has been a long-time partner of ours and has fully endorsed and supported the algorithm. We have been able to assist in the diagnosis of numerous patients so far. She is also helping us validate our algorithm by providing retinal images from her patients in efforts to prove the accuracy of our algorithm.


BRAC University

BRAC University School of Public Health has helped us prove the effectiveness of our DR algorithm by partnering on a clinical validation study. They have provided us with hundreds of images collected from Bangladeshi patients in rural areas and supported us in publishing our validation efforts. By working with BRAC, we aim to develop more accurate algorithms that work specifically to help Bangladeshi patients. Our research is available on ArXiv and is in review for a top journal.

The Founder


Ayaan Haque

Hi, I'm Ayaan. I run this organization as a one man show for the most part. I'm a high schooler at Saratoga High School in California. I started this project my sophomore year targetting a major problem in Bangladesh. I have been to Bangladesh many times and knew of the chronic diabetes problem plauging it's population. So, to put my AI skills to use, I built the entire algorithm and web framework myself and began looking for partners to help me deploy my solution. Realizing the potential of the application, I launched Drishti as an organization so that I could get proper support.

I always say we because I couldn't have done this on my own, and my partners deserve lots of credit. Currently, now that we have developed the retinal camera rig, we are looking to expand into more clinics and areas to help even more patients than we have now. If you are interested in working with us, please contact me, I am always looking for more opportunities to help.