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Early AI-Based Diabetic Retinopathy Screening for Bangladesh

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Early DR Screening To Prevent Blindness

Accurate DR Screening

Drishti provides accurate Diabetic Retinopathy screening in all with AI

Drishti is not meant to replace doctors, but rather work in conjuction with specialists to provide initial screening for those who cannot afford full diagnosis. Any diagnosis from Drishti should not be taken as 100% accurate, but should be a guideline for further action. Even if you received a diagnosis of no DR, please be very careful and continue to monitor your eye situation. Continue to get free screenings if possible to ensure you do not progress into developing DR eventually.

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A Guide for Drishti

Getting Screened by Dristhi is easy just upload an image and receive a preliminary diagnosis in seconds

  • Build and assemble our Smartphone Retinal Camera System for easy imaging
  • Obtain a Retinal Scan (preferably both eyes) at our clinics
  • Go to the screening page and follow the instructions to upload the image
  • Receive a screening! But be careful, it won't save to ensure privacy


Diabetic Retinopathy in Bangladesh

Diabetic Retinopathy is a growing problem in Bangladesh with limited solutions

10,000,000 with Diabetes in BD by 2025
44% of patients in need of affordable care
12% DR Patients in BD become Visually Impaired

AI-Powered Tools

We aim to bring AI to Bangladesh where it is rarely utilized. Our AI screening platform is accurate and quick, allowing anyone to get initial screening for free.

Rural Areas

Rural areas in Bangladesh are most prone to DR becoming ignored and perpetuated. We deploy our solution specifically in rural areas with affordable hardware to prevent blindness for the most vulernable.

NGOs and Clinics

We work with DR specialists, such as ones from the Bangladesh Eye Hospital, as well as multiple organizations to effectively distribute our AI screening to areas where they are needed the most.

Institutional Support

We have the support of BRAC University School of Public Health, allowing us to provide reliable and trustworthy verification through clinical research.

Drishti's Mission

Our mission is to provide free, accesible early screening to areas where DR specialists are not available. With academic, clinical, and organizational support, we are able to widen the reach of our service.

Our app does not replace specialists it is simply just meant to be used in areas where specialists are not readily available and are expensive. Any diagnosis from Drishti should be followed up with a specialist if possible, and if a diagnosis is returned with no DR, please closely monitor your situation and continue to do periodic scannings and diagnoses with Drishti in case your situation gradually becomes worse.

  • Free, easy to use application
  • Integration with smartphone retinal cameras
  • Trained technician for quick and early screening

Learn More About Us

Smartphone Retinal Camera System and Research Paper

We built a cheap retinal smartphone retinal camera system for cheap and easy retinal imaging. The patent process for this system is in process. In-depth documentation is here.

Moreover, we have published a paper validating the performance of the algorithm on two datasets of Bangladeshi eyes. The paper is available here.